Westinghouse Process Control, Inc.

Leader provided in-house transportation safety and compliance training. Responsibilities included management and driver training for motor carrier operations. General awareness hazardous material training was also provided.

Hazardous Material Training

Leader provided hands-on customized training regarding the transportation of hazardous materials. Employees were trained and tested in compliance with 49 CFR Subpart-H training guidelines which call for general awareness, function specific, safety training and driver-training.

Motor Carrier Compliance

Leader personnel were also responsible for the development and training of all employees. Training was provided for the completion of driver qualification files, hours of service log books, vehicle inspection procedures, preventative maintenance, defensive driving, controlled substance and alcohol testing policies and programs and proper completion of fuel tax documents.

DOT Number, Fuel Tax and Registration Filings

Leader submitted all of the required documents for the proper operation of commercial motor vehicles on public roadways.

Westinghouse Process Control, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania