WESCO Distribution, Inc.

Leader maintains transportation safety and compliance programs for the motor carrier operations. Responsibilities include the development and implementation of motor carrier compliance, hazardous materials transportation, transportation safety programs, transportation technical support and transportation contingency planning.

Motor Carrier Compliance

Leader personnel are responsible for maintaining transportation safety and compliance programs for motor carrier operations. Responsibilities include the development, implementation and maintenance of in-house driver qualification training programs for over 400 drivers, commercial driver's license programs, driver qualification file retention programs, controlled substance and alcohol misuse programs, vehicle registration (IRP) programs, driver background license checks, accident investigation/closure, hours of service log review and filing, hazardous waste permitting and motor vehicle fuel tax filing (IFTA) programs.

Hazardous Material Transportation

Leader has developed and performed numerous training programs that meet the U.S. Department of Transportation's 49 CFR, Subpart H training rules for shippers and carriers of hazardous materials, substances and waste. In addition, state and federal hazardous material permits were completed and filed on behalf of WESCO.

Transportation Safety and Compliance Technical Experience

Leader personnel provided technical support regarding the transportation of hazardous materials and waste via ground, air and water modes of transportation.

WESCO Distribution, Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania